Visiting Instructors

Nancy Baker

Award winning dressage instructor Nancy Baker has over thirty years experience training horses and riders through the FEI levels of dressage. Nancy is a regular monthly clinician at Pepper Ridge Equestrian Center spring through fall.

Amy & Nate Bowers

Amy Bowers is a 4-star Parelli Professional and senior horse development specialist. She is certified to teach Linda Parelli's Game of Contact. She uses natural horsemanship principles to teach riders of all skill levels. She actively competes in eventing and specializes in teaching horses and riders to jump with confidence.

Driving specialist Nate Bowers uses the natural horsemanship foundation for horses to teach the skills of driving. He provides driving clinics all over the world.

Ryan Rose

Horse developer and clinician Ryan Rose (4-star Parelli Professional) empowers learners to be successful with their horses through applying natural horsemanship techniques.

Karen Robinson, Applause Dressage

Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage finds the musical harmony between horse and rider using professionally choreographed dressage freestyle routines to dance with your horse. She has worked with Olympians, champions and finalists in major competitions.

John & Kathy Baar

“Raise the Baar” with 5-star and 4-star Parelli Professional's John and Kathy Baar. They provide clinics as a team and separately. They understand horse training from the horses' point of view. John specializes in horse development and Kathy competes in eventing.

Craig Johnson

Multi-time world reining champion Craig Johnson specializes in offering clinics in reining, ranch pleasure and western dressage.

Masterson Massage

The Masterson Method is a unique, integrated, multi-modality approach to equine massage. Horses are active participants while you learn techniques to release tension.

Maurice Thibault

Maurice Thibault is a 4-star Parelli Professional who promotes natural horsemanship and relationship building between horse and rider.

Meggie Andrews

Traveling all over the United States and in a number of other countries, 3-star Parelli Professional Meggie Andrews applies natural horsemanship techniques while creating a safe, fun and progressive learning environment for humans and their horses.

Kim Veenstra, Mobile Confidence Course

Creator of the Mobile Confidence Course, Kim Veenstra brings obstacles for you to play with your horse to build confidence by using horse psychology to master the obstacles. The obstacles can be done while working with your horse on the ground or while riding.