Courtney Clarke

Courtney, Pepper Ridge’s resident instructor, brings her expertise as a Parelli Professional to the Pepper Ridge community. She is an enthusiastic and talented teacher and is excited to help you achieve the relationship you’ve always dreamed of with your horse. Whether you have recreational or competitive goals, she can help you build a solid foundation that will make anything possible.

The Parelli approach is not to train horses, but to teach each horse owner to become their own horse trainer, and to succeed by building a relationship of trust with each horse. Of course, horsemanship skills are taught in the Parelli program, but the foundation of the method is built on the relationship as primary, with the principles of Love, Language and Leadership as guide The Parelli method of horse training enables horse lovers at all levels and disciplines to achieve:

Courtney offers her own clinics and workshops on a variety of topics related to natural horsemanship, foundation training, and your relationship with your horse. She travels around the state providing individual and group lessons for those with competitive and recreational goals.

Visit Courtney’s website and Facebook page.